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International Croatian Language Course

The World's First Total Immersion Croatian School Online
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Learn Croatian language online coursesLearn Croatian Language
Live online Croatian classes!

If you have ever wanted to learn the Croatian language, now is the time to learn in the comfort of your own home.

Our classes offer practical ways to learn Croatian fast – we get you speaking the Croatian language within the first minutes of your first lesson!

Our comprehensive, individualized Croatian language courses are taught by native Croatian tutors that are committed to the passion of helping people learn the Croatian language, Croatian grammar, and Croatian culture. We promise you will have practical use in reading, writing, and speaking the Croatian language. We offer beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of study and give you a FREE Croatian textbook. Our online Croatian classes come with Croatian grammar and other useful tools so you always have a resource for fast reference
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Learn Croatian for free

Real conversation with a native Croatian tutor. Take a free trial Croatian lesson with one of our Croatian private tutors. Try before you buy with a free online Croatian class to assess your ability. Real-time online Croatian  lessons, customized to meet your individual needs. Flexible timetable. You can pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle. One to one Croatian tuition.


With our tuition your confidence will be boosted, and you will build your vocabulary and fluency which is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to learn Croatian for work, travel or family needs. This course is designed for English-speaking students to obtain Croatian grammar skills alongside reading, writing and speaking skills


Learn Croatian with native teacherOur world-class instructors teach you online using three ways to learn and combining that online learning with cutting-edge technology: visually, via real-time Google Docs, and orally with Skype, the leading platform for computer-based phone calls. You will also learn by doing many exercises to learn vocabulary and Croatian grammar. This comprehensive teaching style will help you learn fast by seeing, hearing, and doing online Croatian lessons

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Online Skype Lesson with a Native Croatian teacher.

All our classes are taught as online Skype Croatian lessons. Your private tutor will be a native Croatian tutor and you will be taught in real-time!.

Different levels offered:

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Whether you are a teenager, a university student, or a professional, whatever the reason for improving your Croatian language skills, we have a programme to match your individual needs.

Whether you want to learn Croatian in order to travel, study abroad, get the job with a bilingual requirement, impress your friends or your Croatian date, or just figure out what your Croatian grandma is saying here are five reasons to choose us:


You can learn Croatian anywhere you can access a computer: from home, work, school, library, internet café, etc. 


Lessons are customized to fit with your schedule and are individualized to go with your needs. You can take lessons in the morning, day, or night, everyday or a few times per week.


Our lessons are accessible to anyone and affordable by all. Thanks to the free technology we use to administer our Croatian courses, we pass on our overhead savings to you, the student, so we can reach everyone and anyone, from all walks of life, who wants to learn Croatian.

Effective Teachers

Our native Croatian tutors provide a comprehensive Croatian course that will guide you with expertise and live interaction. Our use of technology like Google Docs and Skype will help motivate you like we are in the room giving you one-on-one Croatian lessons.

Fun Tools to Learn

Our technology allows us to take full advantage of all that’s available to us: audio, images, articles, news, and live Croatian instructors so you are learning while having fun. Plus, we have the power to update our course and add new content instantly.

It is easy to get started – sign up today and start speaking the Croatian language in minutes.